Monday, December 12, 2011

                                           Addi is taking a magazine break after a hard morning of
                                           working at the flower shop.

                                          This is my kind of pet....  There is no shedding, no licking,
                                          no potty breaks, no dirty paws.... I could go on and on....

                                         But this is the fur ball we have....  And he does everything my
                                         horse head doesn't...  But I love him in spite of all of that .

                                         We took my first born, my baby boy to get his drivers permit last
                                         week.  I am having to learn how to be cool in the car, and how not to
                                         look over to my left and break down in tears at the fact that he is driving.
                                         Also I am having to really work on not being a back seat driver.  I am
                                         afraid that is going to take some time.


                                          If anyone is wondering why I haven't posted anyting lately
                                          it is because I have been working on these 2 wreaths. Yes
                                          only 2 wreaths. These babies took a LONG time to make.