Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year !!!!

  I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve.  I was at home sick and in bed at 6:00 p.m.
I was awakened at 11:30 with texts telling me Happy New Year, and was a little confused since it wasn't midnight yet.  Oh well, I guess people were getting an early start!  I didn't reply to anyone since I could barely hold my head up, but you all know I love ya :)

  Has anyone made any New Year resolutions yet?  I have.  Yesterday my daughter and I were at the mall and trying on clothes and we both left the dressing rooms making a pact with each other that we are going to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and that we are going to give up sugar.  This will take some getting used to since I am drinking coffee with fat-free creamer right now, not sugar-free.  Heaven's to Betsy I've already messed up!!!  We will start the sugar free when I finish this bottle of creamer. 

   I am pretty sure that I can go without sugar, it has been over a year now since I have had any soda at all.  And I was the girl that drank at least 6 cans of Diet Coke a day.  It was my lifeline.  Oh those days!!!!  Serioulsy there have only been a couple fo times when I thought about caving in and drinking one, but I don't let myself because I know if I have just one Diet Coke I will fall off the wagon!!!   So I stick to water, tea and coffee.  I do know where to draw the line though,  yesterday Breanna told me that this year I should give up coffee, and I told her that if I gave up coffee I wouldn't have a family anymore, because they would disown me.  I know my limits and I need my coffee, everyone else needs me to have my coffee too :)

    Some of my other resolutions are :

To make more hairbows....  Yes for some reason I just can't shake the hope that these babies are going to make me rich.  It hasn't happened yet, heck I haven't even broke even from all the money I have spent on supplies, but like Dorie in Finding Nemo, I am going to "just keep swimming, just keep swimming"  until I hit the big time :)

This will sound silly to most people, but I am putting it out here anyway :  One of my resolutions is to clean my house LESS !  Thats right I said LESS  not more.  See I am slightly addicted to cleaning.. I love it, it is so theraputic for me, but my family doesn't love the fact that I can't just sit down and relax. I have to be cleaning something.  I see all of these blogs that go over lists and ideas on how to keep your house clean, and I wish I had started something like that.  I could clean my house with my eyes closed!! But even in cleaning there has to be a balance, and I just don't have that.  Sometimes when I think to the future and when I am on my deathbed what if the only thing people remember about me is that I kept a perfectly clean house..  That's not fun to think of, but that's where it's heading.

Since I am going to be cleaning less I will have more time to do other things like :  Learn how to coupon and actually do it. This is something my daughter Bree and I are going to do together.  I am also going to read more books, I used to love to read and for the past couple of years I have not read at all.  Sad, I know.I plan on blogging more, my daughter says I need to post more pics of me since it is my blog, but the thought of that really freaks me out, so we'll see how that goes.

That is just a few of the chages (resolutions) that I am making.  Hopefully I will be able to keep you posted on how they all go.