Saturday, April 2, 2011


  • I got a sales tax permit a couple of weeks ago.
  • It was very intimidating for me.
  • Even though you are not planning on stealing money from the IRS, they make you feel like you are.
  • "List EVERYTHING you plan on selling."
  • I broke out in a cold sweat...." Ummm... bows, home decor items, etc."  "Okay then you can ONLY sell bows and home decor items!"  "Etc. doesn't count unless you list what etc. is".  I figure I am safe with home decor items. Those 3 words can describe a lot of items right ? I sure hope so ! 
  • I recently started making hair bows for girls, young women, females, etc. (wink,wink)
  • My goal is to make millions.
  • Of dollars, not hair bows.
  • I am not sure if that will happen.
  • I brought some of my bows up to the flowershop to display, and my co-worker (Hi Juju!) said and I quote "Wow those turned out a lot cuter than I thought they would !".
  • I'm still trying to get over that one.
  • I said all of that to say this....
  • I have plans people, BIG plans.....

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