Saturday, May 14, 2011

These photos were taken in December 2009.  I love looking back at these pictures.  I remember the events of this night just like it was yesterday.  Clay and I were still functioning on 3 hours of sleep each night, barely.  Not long after these pictures were taken we started putting a little bit of  cereal in Addi's nighttime bottle, and we became normal, well-rested human beings once again.  It was glorious. Also when I look at these pictures I think about how Zach and Bre were in the same school.  Zach was in 8th and Bre was in 6th.  It reminds me of how fast time flies.  Zach is now almost through his freshman year in highschool.  I cry daily because of this.  It is not fair to Moms, the whole growing up idea.  Bre is almost through with 7th grade, and will be entering her last year in middle school.  Addi is walking running everywhere, putting words into sentences, and she understands when I ask her "Are you poopy?"  All of these events are almost too much for my heart to handle.  I am so grateful for whomever invented cameras, although I think as moms and dads the events of life are forever burned into our memories with or without the pictures there to remind us. To add fuel to my fire as I am writing this Kenny Chesney's song Don't Blink is playing on the radio.  Cue the waterworks!

this one is my favorite...can you say real life at its finest?

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