Saturday, July 16, 2011


1.  We had our dog neutered a week ago.  I thought " that will calm him down and help him not to shred things to pieces."

2.  It didn't !

3.  We tried to be nice and buy him a fluffy, white dog bed to lay on while he was recovering.

4. He didn't appreciate it at all, and we are now out $35.00.

5.  Can you have dogs declawed?

6. Of course I'm teasing!

7. Do they really need their teeth ?

8. Teasing again.

9.  I have started brushing him everyday and showing him more affection thinking maybe he is just acting out of  boredom or something.

10.  His fur is starting to look better than my hair.  At least his roots aren't grown out 3 2 inches.


                                             once again, ignore the dates on the pictures.

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